Comfort Company

Despite the youth of the Comfort Company, it is based experienced realtors working in the real estate market of St. Petersburg and the region for over 10 years.

During its short existence estate profession has acquired numerous myths. Most people think of estate agents selling and renting real estate if not fraudulent, then the pushy salespeople, knocking him to the house by forcing their services. In order to dispel it, frankly, too biased and primitive idea, we propose to call us. And all who approach us once treated, call again. Telephone good people pass realtor friends, relatives, co-ordinates as a good doctor, Master Decorator and other helpful people. But realtors are not born, the more that this profession we are still very young. Clients of Realtors - the owners, and working with them has specific features. They are wary, distrustful and sometimes capricious. When applying for real estate services, people are not always clear what they want. And here it is necessary not only to understand the problem, advise, and even anticipate the needs of our customers. Agent must be smart, energetic mediator, delved into the vicissitudes of life and interests of clients, a coordinating sometimes intricate chain. Yes, it needs a certain passion, persuasiveness, energetic pace of work, professional knowledge and experience. For such a specialist are also relevant diligence and punctuality, ability to contact and communicate with people. Our real estate agency recommended to friends.

In St. Petersburg you can find ads and on delivery of housing (
urgently!) for 4 - 5 thousand a month. Be careful: in most cases, their authors - the so-called "news agencies", but simply put, swindlers. True to their sign - the money you are asked to pay immediately, before you pick the right tool. Either it is not even about the room (apartment) and a bed-place: in the literal sense of the angle in the apartment, the owners actually turned into a hostel. Remember: the miser pays twice. Payment for the services of the Comfort Company occurs only after the settlement.

Comfort Company offers free assistance to owners of rooms, apartments. Helping you take advantage to sell your property. Property insurance - a gift from the agency. Leave a request on the website or call +7 (812) 920-33-13 or +7 (812) 920-23-13. We are looking forward!